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*** Reminisce ***
by Jen Hanson
You can find Jen's Reminisce kit and all her other kits @ Deco-Pages

Benji and Angel are now wrestling on the beanbags, b
ut they move so quickly. So I set my camera to take continuous shots and I have got some beauties. This one is adorable, but I can say, it doesn’t show what really is going on, which is Benji trying to bite Angel all over.

You will see Angel’s gorgeous long tail. Well about 2 months ago, after she had a bad bout of coughing, the next day she had bitten off half the hair on her tail. I was so upset, as it was one of her best features. It is slowly growing back.

It really was astounding at how many twin sheep we saw, when travelling through the lakes district in England. These 2 decided, after a nap, that it was time to have a drink from mum. Their tails wagged back and forth. It was so cute.


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